our beliefs

updated April 2016

  • we believe in the centrality of the gospel of Christ (I Cor. 15:1-5)

    The Gospel: Jesus is the unique son of the living God; that he came to earth to show us what it looks like to live out our design; that he was put to death; and that, in his death, he both took our punishment and also restored our relationship to the Father as sons and daughters, conquering both sin and death; that he was raised to life, ascending to heaven; and that he will return, his kingdom being fully realized on that day.

  • We believe that the gospel must be lived out within the context of community. (1 Peter 2:91-10; Ephesians 4:1-6; Romans 12:3-8)

    While the gospel is simple, we recognize that living out the gospel in everyday life can be difficult at times. Life with God was never intended to be individualized or privatized. God came to save a people, and we believe that no person can successfully follow Christ completely on his or her own. That person needs other believers to share with, to encourage them, and help them become the person God designed them to be.

  • We believe that the Bible is a central and key component in the life of the Christian that teaches, inspires, and can be used to help foster a relationship with the living God. (2 Timothy 3:14-17)

    The Bible is a love letter from God to his people, comprised of many authors and works over a number of centuries. It is designed to convey the story of a loving God chasing after his people. Reading it, studying it, and meditating on its words will help the believer to know better the God that they worship, and can inspire the believer to live a life worthy of the gospel.

  • We believe in the importance of baptism by immersion and the death, burial, and resurrection it represents in the life of the believer. (Romans 6:1-12)

    Baptism is not something you do for God (as if God ever needs you to do anything for Him). This is a moment where God does something for YOU. He kills off the old you (along with the way you see yourself and the world), and he raises the new you (giving you a new lens through which you see yourself and those around you). It is the moment when you are gifted with the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe that every believer is given the Holy Spirit as a guide, advocate, and liberator. (Acts 2:38-39; John 14:15-27)

    The Holy Spirit lives inside all those who believe, and guides those believers into a closer union with God. He advocates on our behalf; he empowers us to live faithful lives; and he transforms us over time producing fruit in our lives that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Because of the gift of the Holy Sprit, real change is possible.

  • We believe that all followers of Christ are given spiritual gifts unique to each believer that should be discovered, nurtured, and used to expand the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)

    Within the context of community, these gifts are to be used in ways that compliment other believers not in ways that compete with them. By surrendering these gifts to God, and allowing him to develop these gifts within community, we testify to two things: 1) that we are each only a small part of a much larger story and 2) that it is through our brokenness that God’s power is made perfect. We believe and celebrate that different churches have different personalities, and we embrace church families different than our own (Galatians 5:1) God created the church, and, in doing so, he painted with a broad brush. The variety of personalities, backgrounds, and experiences should be celebrated. The fact that there are so many churches that look so different testifies to the universal truth of the gospel message. It breaks through borders and creates one united people not in ritual or form, but in the saving work of God’s son alone.