what to expect

When you walk in the front door on Sunday morning at Station Camp Church,

be prepared to be loved with no strings attached.

That's what we do - because that's what Jesus did.

when YOU WALK IN...

We'll welcome you, make you feel comfortable, and help you if you want. We'll even have coffee and something to snack on. 

Expect to see some people laughing and some people hugging...expect to see a family that supports each other.  We love to fellowship with our friends and family, and we love to meet new friends.

When worship begins...

you will see and hear:

  • Praise to our God and our Savior in Song
  • Prayers of Petition, Thanksgiving, and Praise
  • The Word of God being read
  • Weekly celebration of the death of Jesus through our communion service
  • Lots of children going to a special Bible Class
  • A positive message on Jesus' love for us
  • More Praise to God in Song

That's it. We're trying to share the Love Of Jesus and help you find your path to Salvation.  Feel comfortable in knowing you'll feel welcome at Station Camp.